Meet Bob Korth, The "Ask Bob" Columnist

Bob Korth hails from southern Oregon and writes the Ask Bob column for 
several paper publications across the country. He is the owner of
Showtime Pro Shop in the Showtime Family Lanes in Grants Pass, Oregon.
Although a USA certified Bronze level coach, more than anything Bob is a 
very accomplished bowler. He was recently recognized by the ABC for
being the only man to shoot 800 series in 5 straight decades.

    His first was in Seattle Washington in 1965. He used a Brunswick TracMaster 1 hard rubber ball. Bob says with the help of Ron Cís Magic Carpet he was able to shoot an 824 series on June 3rd 2001 to take the Oregon state all events record away from Marshall Holman. Bobís 9 game total was 2316. Bob has carried a 200 average for 40 straight years and he has done it both right and left handed. Bob also won the 
Senior High Roller in August 1998. We are very proud and honored to call Bob Korth one of our chatroom friends and to have him write the Ask Bob column for

Bob Korth's Q&A

Bob Korth is even more accessible than ever!   His wonderful 10-Pin bowling column featured in numerous bowling publications can now be found on the World Wide Web.  Each article has three or four questions.  We have set up a brief summary for you, simply click on the article number to visit that page. 

You may also E-mail him at with your questions; who knows, maybe your question will be featured in his publication!  

ASK BOB     6/01/11

     By Bob Korth




Q.  The best part of my bowling game has always been my spare shooting and overall accuracy. But lately I seem to be missing everything. Spare shooting is bad and on the first ball I come up light 2 or 3 times try to move and go through the nose or Brooklyn. Help?


A.  This could be a timing problem or miss read of the lanes and you really need to see a coach to find out for sure. But my gut feeling is that you are overturning the ball. See if this sounds like your game right now. When you are overturning the ball you feel like the lane is over hooking you go high one or two shots in a row. You move in one board and look out a board and the ball never hooks up in the back. Every once and awhile you hit the pocket solid and you think you have the lanes figured out. Then it starts all over. Too much hook then no hook, this gets you so frustrated that all of a sudden you canít pick up the spares you usually get. This is typical of early turn it feels like you have lost your timing and it causes you to lose your mind. So next practice session try aiming with your ring finger. This will keep you behind the ball just slightly longer and your game and your mind just might return.



Q.   I have noticed from time to time my bowling balls seem to lose power when they get older. I have them cleaned and re surfaced, but it seems when they get older they just don't seem to hit as hard. Is there such a thing as bowling ball life? Do they lose their 'pop' when they get older?


A.   There is a bowling ball life. It varies from ball to ball. Also from company to company. The problem is that the balls do what they are intended to do. Part of the make up of reactive urethane is to soak up oil this keeps the surface of the ball dry and tacky for more traction. When the ball gets oil soaked it can't take in oil as fast and the ball loses power. There are some methods of getting oil out of the ball. But they can't get it all. Getting some of the oil out helps but it won't ever be as good as when it was new. After a time you will need to purchase a new one. Bowling ball life is one of the reasons I like Roto Grip and Storm bowling balls they offer the best of both worlds hitting power and a longer life.



Q.   What thumb pitch is best?


A.   Thumb pitch and even finger pitch are like finger prints. It is different for everyone. A person with a short span and/or flexible digits can use a ball with zero or even forward pitch in the thumb. A very long span or very stiff digits will usually require varying amounts of reverse pitch. There is also left and right thumb pitch that may be needed. This is why you need to have a good working relationship with your local pro shop. They will be who you rely on to look at your hand and determine the best grip for you and your way of delivering the ball. Right now as we go into the summer season is a great time to check our equipment the pro shops are less busy in the summer and will be happy to see you. It is also a great time to buy a new ball at summer discount prices. You could also get some lessons and have the summer to work on what you learn.


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