Ron Clifton's
Advanced Bowler
Training Clinics



About the 3-Day Clinics

Ron Clifton Advanced Bowler Training Clinics make the complex simple. Ron has the gift for teaching the sport of bowling in "easy-to-understand" terms and is well known across the United States for his unique training techniques. He writes "Top Techniques" for Bowling This Month magazine, the world's leading instructional magazine. He recognizes that every bowler is different and does not apply the "cookie cutter" approach to his coaching. Instead, he gives each attendee of his clinics personalized lessons with drills that build good habits while defeating bad.


At a clinic, Ron will have your ball fit, armswing, footwork, timing, finishing position, add release evaluated. Using slow-motion video analysis of your bowling, he will show and explain what happens from pushaway to finish and set you on the path to improvement and better understanding. Attendees will then hit the lanes bowling with personal on-lane instruction from Ron, applying his world-renowned teaching techniques to get you bowling better.


Coach Ron teaches attendees at their own level and learning pace, so advanced bowlers can learn as much at the clinic as beginners. Ron will also instruct bowlers on how to retain what they have learned at the clinic and keep improving long after the clinic has left town.


A Few Quotes About the Clinics

"I just visited your site and highly pleased to read the instructions contained therein. I do hope to attend one of your clinics since like many players I realize there is always room for improvement." -John Handegard, 14-time PBA Sr. Tour titlest.


"I feel confident recommending his clinic to any bowler at any skill level." -'Embedded reporter' for Bowling This Month magazine after attending one of Ron's 3-Day clinics


A Typical Clinic Agenda
Days and times may be adjusted to best fit the bowlers and bowling center schedule.

Time Friday Saturday Sunday
10:00AM - 10:15AM Meet & Greet    
10:15AM - 1:00PM Fit Check
 Video Analysis
On-Lane Work
Video Analysis &
On-Lane Work
On-Lane Work
1:00PM - 2:00PM Lunch & Lecture (Advanced Lane Play) Lunch & Lecture
(Releases & Adjustments)
Lunch & Lecture (Practice)
2:00PM - 5:00PM On-Lane Work On-Lane Work On-Lane Work



Bowlers can attend a Ron Clifton Advanced Bowler Training Clinic all THREE days for just $350 per person plus lineage (lineage rates vary in different parts of the country and will be announced prior to the clinic). A bowler can attend ANY TWO days of his/her choice for just $300 per person plus lineage. Clinics are limited to 6-8 bowlers.



Organizing a Ron Clifton Clinic for your Area

Ron Clifton holds Advanced Bowler Training clinics all across the United States. If you would like Ron to host a clinic in your area, contact him at or by phone at 336-971-7647.


 Ron will make a custom flyer for use in organizing a clinic. Below is an example flyer (yours will have the correct date and bowling center name/location).



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