Ron C's Magic Carpet

Get a crisp, clean thumb release.

If you have experienced...

  • A poor release
  • Large knots on the back of your thumb
  • The ball hanging on your thumb
  • Slow thumb exit
  • Investing so much money in tape that you could have easily bought the tape company

... you should try Ron C's Magic Carpet!

Even if you have never experienced these issues, Ron C's Magic Carpet is a great tool for bowlers who want the perfect thumb release. Forget the rest of the bowling aids. This is one you can install yourself and it requires no special tools. It is so good that all of our testers give it two thumbs up!

What is it and why does it work?

Ron C's Magic Carpet is a loop-pile carpeted tape for the thumbhole that helps bowlers obtaining a smooth, comfortable, clean release without sticking. The nylon fibers and looped profile of the tape offer just the right amount of friction and compression needed for the modern bowler. It is form-fitting and comfortable. The loops under and around the thumb allow air to flow around the thumb as it quickly exits the thumbhole. This prevents a low pressure area from forming in the bottom of the thumbhole. In other words, it stops suction that can occur if you have a snug and proper fitting thumbhole! Ron C's Magic Carpet is very durable will last most bowlers three months!

Ron C's Magic Carpet also has a "grain bias" that slants the loops in one direction. This offers the bowler two different kinds of releases in just one product. Install the Carpet so that the thumb exits "with the grain" (red mark up) for the fastest release and "against the grain" (red mark down) for a slightly slower release. Try both ways to see which one fits your game better!

Ron C's Magic Carpet was invented by Ron Clifton, a nationally known bowling coach in the United States.

How to Use It

Remove the backing from the Ron C's Magic Carpet and place it in the back of the thumbhole where your knuckle makes contact. Place it about ¼ inch below the top of the thumbhole and below any bevel. When you are sure you have the Carpet in the right position, press firmly to activate the strong glue. When it's time to replace your Carpet, it should come out without leaving a glue mess behind. You may add bowler's tape to the front of the hole as needed to snug it up. If you prefer, you may add the tape under the Carpet. Although most thumb holes have room for the Carpet, some tighter holes may require enlarging.

If you experience redness of the thumb after using Ron C's Magic Carpet, check the following:

  1. The Carpet has a 3 game break-in period and the redness should go away after this time.
  2. The thumbhole is too tight for Ron C's Magic Carpet and should be opened up.
  3. Make sure you are not “knuckling” the ball. Knuckling the ball means you squeeze the ball with your thumb in order to grip it. Knuckling causes your knuckle to come to a point which puts too much pressure in just one spot on your thumb. Most coaches agree that you should hold the ball with very little grip pressure like you would hold an egg. If you tend to drop the ball with less grip pressure see your pro shop about resizing your thumbhole or moving the pitch more forward.
  4. Make sure the Carpet is not “off to one side” and centered on the back of your thumb. Bowlers with small thumbs may need to trim the width with scissors for a better fit.

Who is RonC?

Ron Clifton is a 30 plus year veteran to the sport of 10-Pin Bowling. He resides in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He is a coach to many of the most successful PBA regional players in the southern region and a co-partner of Winston-Salem's newest and greatest 24-lane center "Creekside Lanes". He writes coaching articles for, "The Bowling News" (a bowling news paper that the banner claims to reach 250,000 league bowlers on the east coast) and a new international publication "7-10 Split". When approached by numerous bowlers about a common issue, and his own struggles with a clean consistent release. He developed Ron C's Magic Carpet. He then ask bowlers from around the world to test the effectiveness of the Magic Carpet. Over 80% of them reported a cleaner more consistent release and more importantly higher scores. Some setting state and national records in the process. The product became so popular that he was urged to market it at an affordable price around the world.


Ron C's Magic Carpet is sold by the bundle.
1 bundle = 10 pieces

Price: $20 per bundle
Shipping: Flat fee of $2 for shipments to the US,
$5 to locations outside the US.

Special Offers:

Buy 30 pieces or more, get 10 free!*
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Tested on bowlers with varying styles and skill levels, this product is proven! Read what a few of our testers had to say about Ron C's Magic Carpet:

"I like to use black tape in the back of my thumb hole (1 piece on top of a white piece), so when I talked to Ron about his invention called the "Magic Carpet", I was anxious to try it. I also use about 4-6 pieces of white tape in the front of the thumb hole. When I received the carpets to try I immediately removed the tape from the back of the hole and inserted one of them into each of my two favorite balls. I had roughed up the surface before I placed them in because it was my understanding that it would take 5 to 6 games for them to wear in and that in the mean time my thumb may get a little red. So it did for the first night I used them but very minimal. I needed to remove 3 pieces of tape from the front of the hole after I placed the carpets in but soon found out that I could add one of the pieces back in. I was amazed at how tight my thumb felt and it felt soft behind my thumb but what was more amazing to me was that my thumb came out of the ball like I had no tape in it at all. What I mean is that I had the cleanest release that I have ever experienced in my 25 years of bowling. I have also noticed little to no swelling of my thumb while bowling. My second week of bowling with the Magic Carpets proved to me what an awesome product Ron has developed. In my third game of league play I bowled my third perfect 300 game of my career. My first and second 300's where bowled 6 years ago along with an 815 series and I was wondering when I would be blessed by the bowling gods to repeat that feat. I consider myself an accomplished bowler that has won numerous leagues and tournaments including my associations all events scratch title in 1997. I give a lot of the credit for my recent success to The Magic Carpets. In just one week with them I have thrown a perfect game. Maybe its coincidence but I think not. Thank you Ron for supplying me with the tools that I needed for my recent success and encourage all bowlers to give these carpets a test for themselves. Good luck and great bowling."

- Carlo Sotiropoulos, Massachusetts

A note from Ron: Carlo now has two more Magic Carpet 300s !!!!!!

Happy thumbs use Magic Carpet!

Ron C's Magic Carpet is a trademark of Ronald G. Clifton