About Ron Clifton



Coaching Style

Ron Clifton is a tenpin bowling coach from Winston-Salem, North Carolina and has been coaching at the professional level for over 20 years.  He has a special gift for teaching the physics of bowling in “easy-to-understand” terms and has a “unique eye” for spotting and correcting flaws. He knows that every bowler is different and that there is no one way to be a great bowler, so rather than take the "cookie cutter" approach, he gives personalized lessons that help each individual bowl better.

Ron is well known across the United States and internationally for his unique training techniques. These techniques enable bowlers to actually "perform" the things that they have learned.
For example, a bowler may know they need to make a change in their release (perhaps they have been instructed to do so by another coach), but he or she is having difficultly actually performing the release that is desired. Ron knows how to teach the bowler to actually "perform" and repeat the release within their ability.


Many sessions with great coaches fail to produce long term results because the "old bad habits" return to the bowler a week after the lesson. Ron teaches the bowler how to retain the ability to perform newly learned skills after a lesson is but a distant memory.


Coaching Background

Ron has worked with many PBA national title holders (including PBA and USBC Hall of Famers), top professional men and women in the PBA regional programs, collegiate bowlers and Jr. Gold champions, but the majority of bowlers Ron has had the pleasure to help are average bowlers who are determined to improve their game.


Ron holds Advanced Bowler Training Clinics around the United States, and has been one of the "star cast of coaches" at BTM Super School.


Bowling Tips and Articles

Ron began writing bowling tips for a local bowling newspaper at the turn of the millennium and began posting them on this website, bowl4fun.com. The tips gained in popularity and evolved into full-blown articles; eventually some became multi-part series. Later, Ron became a contributor for Bowling This Month magazine, the foremost bowling instructional magazine in the world. You can find his articles in the magazine  on a bimonthly basis. 


Invention of Magic Carpet

Since the 1970s, Ron has been stuffing things into bowling ball thumbholes, looking for the best material for a snug thumbhole. In the late 1990s, he invented the product known as Magic Carpet, a breathable, flexible thumb insert that sticks inside the thumbhole and allows for a quick, clean release without sticking. It absorbs some thumb swelling, reducing the need for excessive amounts thumb tape. Many users have reported the highest scores of their lives since using Magic Carpet. Ron has been selling the product to bowlers around the world ever since.


 "I have been cramming all kinds of stuff into thumb holes for years looking for just the right amount of friction and low pressure relief; I finally found it." -Ron


Radio Guest

Ron has been interviewed many times on the Let's Go Bowling Show out of Tampa Florida, a radio program dedicated to bowling which features the best in bowling world. Past episodes can be found at www.gobowlingshow.com











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