Tip 3

See better by closing your eyes.

Sometimes, you can see a lot better by closing your eyes. For a lot of reasons, your eyes can sometimes fool you. It may be because you have astigmatism or the wrong eye is dominant. It can also just be because of the diminishing vanishing point that we all see. You know when you look down a rail road track and the rails seem to get closer together the farther you look down the track?  Well, a bowling lane is the same way. The boards, arrows and the lane it's self seem to get narrower as you move your sight toward the pins. I think this can confuse some people.  Now, to complicate things, move your feet to say the 30 board and look at the 3rd arrow. That can really screw with the mind and/or vision.  This is why a lot of people miss corner pins.  So, what can we do about it?  Well, close your eyes. To start out, try to get lined up on your favorite target.  Let's use the 2nd arrow.  Now, when you feel the ball is about halfway down from the top of your backswing, close your eyes until you have delivered the ball. This does take a little practice, like many other things that you wish to master. You have to learn to trust yourself a little. After you can do this with some comfort, start closing your eyes sooner.   Try to at least learn to close you eyes at the top of your back swing. You may very well find that you are hitting your target more often with your eyes closed than when they are open. Now that you can strike with your eyes closed, move to the corner pins. You may be surprised the that 10 pin or 7 pin is not so hard to make any more.