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Ron C's Magic Carpet

Homepage: www.bowl4fun.com/magiccarpet/magiccarpet.htm

Ron C's Magic Carpet is a loop pile type of carpeted tape.  The nylon fibers and the spring rate of their looped profile combine, to offer just the right amount of friction and compression.  Ron C's Magic Carpet is form-fitting to the thumb and very comfortable.  The loops under and around the thumb allow air to flow around the thumb as it quickly exits the thumb hole.  This keeps a low pressure area from being formed in the thumb hole.  In other words, it stops the suction that can take place if you have a snug and proper fitting thumb hole.  The biggest reason Ron C's Magic Carpet works so well is of course - MAGIC!

Ron C's Magic Carpet is a new product and is not yet available in most pro shops.
For a limited time you can get the Ron C's Magic Carpet direct from Ron C for $2.00 each 
with a minimum order of 10 pieces (1 bundle). Shipping & handling is $2.00 regardless of the number ordered in the US.

10 Pieces = 1 Bundle = 1 Quantity

To order Ron C's Magic Carpet online using your credit card and the PayPal credit card service, click on the PayPal button below that applies to you. This will get them there FAST! If you want to order by check, open this PDF mail order file.


Ron Clifton Advanced Bowler Training Clinics

Ron Clifton Clinic Advance Payment/Deposit

Select Deposit or Full Payment
Days Attending the Clinic
City Where the Clinic is Located
Attendee's Name
Contact Phone Number
Contact Email

Since there are only EIGHT spots available at each Ron Clifton Advanced Bowler Training Clinic. A $150 deposit is required to reserve your spot. You may pay the entire amount if you wish. If you make a $150 deposit the balance in CASH will be due the first day you attend the Clinic.

PAYMENTS ONLINE USING A CREDIT CARD: To place a deposit or pay your clinic fee in full just fill out the form on the right with the appropriate information. Make sure you have the attendee's name, phone number, and email listed. Also, make sure you specify which clinic you are planning on attending by typing in the city where the clinic will be located (it doesn't have to be exact, just so Ron can figure it out). When you're done, click Buy Now to go to PayPal to complete the transaction. You can log in and pay with a PayPal account or use the virtual terminal to pay with a credit card.

Spots are awarded on a "1st come 1st served" basis, if all the spots are filled prior to your transaction, your payment or deposit will be fully refunded. You will be put on a "stand-by" list and notified if an opening occurs.

PAY BY MAIL: You may pay by sending a check by mail if you wish, make check payable to:
Ron Clifton Clinic
313 Tower Circle Dr.
Winston - Salem, NC 27107

PAY BY PHONE: You may pay using a credit card by phone by calling 336-971-7647

REFUNDS: Deposits are NONREFUNDABLE unless the clinic can not take place for some reason. If a deposit has been made and you can not attend the deposit will not be refunded unless Ron can find someone to fill your spot. When available Ron keeps a reserve list of bowlers that would like to attend but missed the entry date or was rejected because the Clinic was full. There are not always reserve bowlers available however.

If a full payment was paid in advance and a bowler can not attend then all money above the $150 deposit will be refunded in full.

If of course, there are not enough attendees to have the clinic then 100% of all monies will be returned.

LINEAGE: Lineage will be paid directly to the host bowling center. Every effort will be made to secure a reasonable lineage rate. Lineage is NOT part of the clinic fee.

Satisfaction guarantee:  If you complete the full clinic and do not feel you got your money's worth then all of the "Clinic fees" will be refunded within 30 days. (Lineage not included) You may not drop out early and ask for a refund, you must complete all the days you signed up for.