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Events, Clinics & Seminars You Can Attend

Below you will find a list of cities where the Ron Clifton Advanced Bowler Training Clinics are  in the works. If you have an interest in attending one of these clinics email Ron and ask to be put on the email notify list for that city.

Next Clinics
Valley Lanes
3106 S Main St,
Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Clinics in the works, dates to come soon

Sport Lanes Martinsville Va

Hilltop Lanes, Roanoke Va

Cardinal Lanes North Beach Bowl, Wilmington, NC


If you would like to attend contact Ron Clifton directly through email or phone 336-971-7647



Would you like to work with Ron Clifton  one on one or put together a small group, and visit with Ron in Winston- Salem, NC?
Ron is offering one on ones for just $40 per hour, and if you would like to bring a friend it is only an additional $10 per hour per person.


Have a suggestion for a location? Just email Ron and let him know.



The Bowling This Month Articles:
"Top Techniques"

In this section you will find articles that Ron has written for Bowling This Month Magazine (BTM). These articles may not be copied or reproduced without written permission from Bowling This Month Magazine. Many of these articles have similar content to the articles below the Bowling Tip archive below but have more detail in some cases.

For more info on Bowling This Month Magazine click here.

Article # 

Article Name

Article 1 Breakpoints and Target Lines
Your geometry teacher was right: it takes two points to make a line
Article 2 Breakpoint Zones
Real estate zoned for strikes
Article 3 Six Basic Fundamentals: Part 1
A foundation for Youth, Seniors and everyone in-between
Article 4 Six Basic Fundamentals: Part 2
Eliminate the Kung Fu Death Grip
Article 5 Six Basic Fundamentals: Part 3
Criteria for ball fit continued

More Ron Clifton BTM article posts to come!

Ron's Bowling Tips
Special Note: I will be going back through all the tips and revising them as
I have time. This will be noted by the revision date to the right of the tip.
Another tip is to try JackpotJoy Lounge Bingo after you work on your game.

To E-mail Ron:

Tip #

Tip Name

Average Rating

Tip 1 10 Minutes of Practice     Revised 5/3/03 180 Average & Up
Tip 2 Pressure Shots 180 Average & Up
Tip 3 See Better By Closing Your Eyes 180 Average & Up
Tip 4 What do you do with that Trail Leg? All Averages
Tip 5 How to Practice on an Easy House Shot 180 Average & Up
Tip 6 How to Play the Twig 180 Average & Up
Tip 7 How to Hold the Ball All Averages
Tip 8 Match Play: What's Your Attitude Toward Your Opponent All Averages
Tip 9 High Plains Drifter (Part 1) All Averages
Tip 10 High Plains Drifter (Part 2) All Averages
Tip 11 Finger Dancing 180 Average & Up
Tip 12 Just Let it Fall All Averages
Tip 13 Next to Last Step Timing All Averages
Tip 14 What Weight Ball? Could 14 lbs be your "Sweet Weight"? All Averages
Tip 15 Speed Control (Part 1): How to Throw the Ball Slower All Averages
Tip 16 Speed Control (Part 2): How to Throw the Ball Faster All Averages
Tip 17 Breakpoints and Drawing Lines on the Lane (Part 1)
Edited 7/5/06
180 Average & Up
Tip 18 Breakpoints and Drawing Lines on the Lane (Part 2)
Edited 7/5/06
180 Average & Up
Tip 19 Breakpoints and Drawing Lines on the Lane (Part 3)
Edited 7/5/06
180 Average & Up
Tip 20 The Bowler’s Release 180 Average & Up
Tip 21 A Timing Tune-Up All Averages
Tip 22 Working through a Slump All Averages
Tip 23 Summer is for “Real” Bowlers All Averages
Tip 24 Getting Deeper 180 Average & Up
Tip 25 Falling Off the Shot All Averages
Tip 26 The FORCE is NOT with You All Averages
Tip 27 How to Handle Dry Lanes 180 Average & Up
Tip 28 A Smooth Landing (Part 1) All Averages
Tip 29 A Smooth Landing (Part 2) All Averages
Tip 30 Pulling the Ball (Part 1) All Averages
Tip 31 Pulling the Ball (Part 2) All Averages
Tip 32 Teaching Old Dogs (Part 1) All Averages
Tip 33 Teaching Old Dogs (Part 2) All Averages
Tip 34 The Most Common Mistakes Bowlers Make All Averages
Tip 35 Learning New Releases (Part 1) All Averages

Tip 36

Learning New Releases (Part 2) All Averages
Tip 37 Learning New Releases (Part 3) All Averages
Tip 38 Learning New Releases (Part 4) 180 Average & Up
Tip 39 Dropping the Ball All Averages
Tip 40 Dropping the Shoulder All Averages
Tip 41

How High Can A Free Swing Go?

All Averages
Tip 42

Kickball for Strikes & Spares

All Averages
Tip 43 Swing Paths (Part 1) All Averages
Tip 44 Swing Paths (Part 2) All Averages
Tip 45 Swing Paths (Part 3) All Averages
Tip 46 Don't Let Your Aim Get in the Way All Averages