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Events, Clinics & Seminars You Can Attend

Below you will find a list of cities where Ron Clifton Advanced Bowler Training Clinics are  in the works. If you have an interest in attending one of these clinics email Ron and ask to be put on the email notify list for that city. 



Next Clinics

Working on dates now, will post soon!

Sport Lanes Martinsville Va

Hilltop Lanes, Roanoke Va

Cardinal Lanes North Beach Bowl, Wilmington, NC

If you would like to attend any of the above
 Ron Clifton Advanced Bowler Training Clinics email Ron Clifton


If you would like to attend contact Ron Clifton directly through email or phone 336-971-7647

Clinics Building

Keene, New hampshire

Phylly, PA

If you would be interested in attend email Ron at


Would you like to work with Ron Clifton  one on one, or put together a small group, and visit with Ron in Winston Salem, NC?
Ron is offering one on ones for just $40 per hour, and if ou would like to bring a friend it is only an additional $10 per hour per person.

Would you like to attend one of Ron's clinics in the future? Have a suggestion for a location? Just email Ron and ask to be put on the contact list.



Listen to Ron on the Let's Go Bowling radio show from Wednesday June 30th by
by clicking here

Ron Clifton 3-day Clinics

You can organize a Ron Clifton 3-day bowling clinic for your town. Click here for more details and how to get started.


Ron on the Radio, Again!

Ron Clifton has now been featured on the Lets Go Bowling Show live radio program out of Tampa, Florida four times. You can listen to the sessions with Ron and many others from the show's website. Here are the shows where Ron has been featured:

This is a great radio show that is 100% bowling; they interview all the top PROS and COACHES. You can visit their website at


Get on Ron's Email List!

If you would like to be notified when Ron Clifton will be visiting your state, just send an email to and put "Add to List" in the subject line. *Make sure you include your Name, Town & State!


The Bowling This Month Articles:
"Top Techniques"

In this section you will find articles that Ron has written for Bowling This Month Magazine (BTM). These articles may not be copied or reproduced without written permission from Bowling This Month Magazine. Many of these articles have similar content to the articles found in the Article Archive but have more detail in some cases.

For more info on Bowling This Month Magazine, click here.

BTM Article #3: 
The Six Basic Fundamentals Part 1
A foundation for Youth, Seniors and everyone in-between

BTM Article #4:
The Six Basic Fundamentals Part 2
Eliminate the Kung Fu Death Grip

BTM Article #5:
The Six Basic Fundamentals Part 3
Criteria for ball fit continued

Want to read more of Ron Clifton's articles? Just click on "The Article Archive" button below!
If you want to know more about Ron and his background, click on the "Who is RonC?" button.

  Who is Ron C? Click here for all of RonC's coaching articles!
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